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                         adidas originals                    

 I was commissioned to create a video artwork to celebrate the 50 years anniversary of Adidas Superstars.​ 

Playing along the lines of the brief 'remix the past, create the future', I've built a small Adidas world in Unreal Engine where the animation takes place. 

An earthly, goddess-like avatar is portrayed while she evolves and morphs into a heightened, more fluid and spiritual being of light/angel of the future. The scene happens in a natural/'digital' environment, starting from ground until reaching a deep blue sky where the transformation happens.

The project curated by Reasoned Art for Adidas original has been used for their anniversay campaing on Youtube and shown through some of the main capitals around Europe.


Milan, Piazza Garibaldi

Composizione 117.png
Composizione 166.png
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