DigiMind is a group exhibition exploring themes of mysticism, technology, spirituality and divination through computer generated imagery, photography and virtual environments. With work by Aylin Delemen, Kerrie IRL, Paola Pinna, Sophie Rogers, Camila Roriz, Ashleigh Sanderson and Yifan Pu.

DigiMind imagines a scenario where technology acts as a mediator or guide navigating towards an idea of the truth. It raises questions about our interaction with ancient practices such as astrology and fortune telling when the medium is technology. The CEO of astrology app Co-Star - one of the most widely used apps within what is now being referred to as the Mystical Services Market - suggests “that people have become much more receptive to the idea of there being other ways of seeing the world.” In response to this, DigiMind explores how major turning points in recent history, (the election of Donald Trump or Brexit, for example) have provoked a shift in where people find structure and guidance. 


Visitors are offered a moment of reflection and contemplation through images that gently mimick aesthetics found in meditation apps and traditional notions of calm, whilst also investigating the implications of this current techno-astrological drift. The random selection of artwork is purposeful as it allows open interpretation for the visitor, but also nods to the irrationality that astrology allows, which according to Co-Star: “invades our techno-rationalist ways of living”. 


The exhibition is constantly evolving, punctuated by live events and launching with a virtually guided meditation. During the 3 months on Digital Artist Residency, users will visit an online Oracle embedded on the site. The Oracle is activated by visitors feeding it questions and in turn it will offer a visual response created by one of the artists included in the exhibition. 

Explore the exhibition at www.digitalartistresidency.org/digimind