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''In this exhibition we are given a taste of what comes from net culture, through the creation of female avatars that come to life in a digital place, the artist follows a profound investigation into the female condition starting from her own experience in the world, from new ways to relate through technologies to conceiving the self today and its self-representation in the virtual world. Within this new horizon, in this abstract place between real and artificial, Paola Pinna's art moves, starting from the inner world and abstracting itself, creating digital realities, surreal abstractions, unfolding through multiple and overlapping networks of influences and the languages ​​that intersect and create infinite textures of a possible digital world. From these 3D scenes he creates short videos, extrapolating digital frames to produce real, tangible artefacts. The artist thus makes us experience the technological avant-garde through different mediums, reaching as far as NFTs and artificial intelligence, which under his precise indications autonomously produces shapes, colours, face fragments which give an idea of ​​what can be the role of technological-artistic innovation in the definition of new paradigms, of new possible experiences. '' Francesco Cogoni.

The exhibiton took place at Ferai Teatro, Cagliari - Italy.

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