Gloss reality (2018/19) is a project inspired by online life, relationships and love 2.0.

I see reality as a glossy, 'glazed' reality - derived from the 'glossy' way in which today we try to project our persona and life on social networks. Through conscious or subconscious methods, anyone can take care of their character on social media as they wish, but often these ways of curating oneself can become fictitious, creating fragmentation between the individual own existence in physical reality and the virtual world.

With Gloss Reality my aim is to represent some dark parts of living online. Phenomena such as the body dysmorphia, the constant paranoia of how one appears to be physically increased by social networks - the "ghosting", the practice of ending a relationship by disappearing or blocking other people and finally love as experienced in the 2.0 era.

The possibility of being able to change oneself physically, with plastic surgery - but also many other things also new ways of conceiving life relying on technologies to change our habits and so on, gave me a vision of the human being as a hybrid, cybernetic, mutable.


Paola Pinna Gloss Reality solo show Fondazione Bartoli Felter Cagliari




Gloss Reality, Solo show at Fondazione per l'Arte Bartoli Felter, Cagliari 2019. 

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