Hypermediation is al process in which I move from 'CGI' to hand-painting, producing artifacs that are the result of my 3D work translated into a traditional media such as oil paint, and vice-versa. 

The idea of 'remediation' or 'hypermediation' comes from Bolter and Grusin's research titled REMEDIATION. They see media history  not as a series of displacements in which new media (e.g. the internet) make old media (e.g. the radio) obsolete. Instead,as  new media transforming older media, while retaining some of their features while discarding others. In their own words, remediation is ‘the way in which one medium is seen by our culture as reforming or improving upon another’.


In this case, I use my 3D skills to revisit my painting process, and then eventually go back to 3D and create a mix that is the result of both media experimentation in a way that they influence one another.