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Metaeden is an NFT series created by Paola Pinna and floontz.

A collection of 1/1 episodes is being minted on Superrare to build an experience that cross pollinates with the Discord, offering collectors the chance of being virtually featured with a cameo with their custom avatars on the finale.

The long-term goal is to build a videogame, aimed specifically but not included to young girls and women who wish to day dream and play with an engaging fantasy/spiritual experience.

The project  has been awarded the 2022 Future Prize Award through Mozaik Philantrophy under the 'Digital Awakening' category. 

  Metaeden is an intermediary high-vibrational plane that exists between earth and the metaverse.

Giada, Adeaze and Keiko find themselves here when they fall asleep one evening and wake up inside what appears as a lucid dream.

Their guardian pets try to help them understand this new world.

As a metaphor of a journey of soul expansion and finding one's own purpose, a total of seven episodes will be released, each one corresponding to one of the chackras. 

The project is being built on Unreal Engine 4.27 by Paola Pinna, floontz and Alexander Bonelli.

Support the game development by collecting an NFT on Superrare:

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