Metaeden is an intermediary high-vibrational plane that exists between earth and the metaverse.

Giada, Adeaze and Keiko find themselves here when they fall asleep one evening and wake up inside what appears as a lucid dream.

Their guardian pets try to help them understand this new world.

Metaeden is an NFT series created by Paola Pinna and floontz.

We are introducing Metaeden's world with a collection of 1/1 episodes to build an experience that cross pollinates with the Discord,

offering  collectors the chance of being virtually featured with their custom avatars on the final episode.

The projects aims to develop its own game and VR experience, as well as creating its own 3D NFT assets

with an unique style and story.

Keiko Portrait.png



 Fiery ~ Creative ~ Motivated

<< LET’S GO!>> I require constant stimulation and complex challenges to thrive. I swear, when I’m in one place for too long I break out in hives.


Abilities: instant manifestation, hyperspeed coding

guardian : Dragon



Playful ~ Sensitive ~ Psychic


<< Don’t ask how, I just know! >> I keep most of my visions to myself so no one freaks out. I wish I could live in my dreams, where my gifts are normal.



Abilities: premonition, purring

guardian : Tiger Kitty




 Strong ~ Perceptive ~ Discerning


<< Check yourself! >> They call me the tornado. Intense and unexpected, I funnel the stale energy out of anyone who crosses my path. Abilities: spontaneous healing, blockchain mining



Abilities: spontaneous healing, blockchain mining

guardian : Unicorn