• Paola Pinna

Dystopian Visions - Cambi x SuperRare

I was part of Dystopian Visions collection, curated by Serena Tabacchi, director of the MoCDA (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art) and coordinated by Bruno Pitzalis. The project involved 18 artists from the NFT scene - focusing on the dystopian-utopian dichotomous themes.

Dystopian Vision was the first curated NFT collection and physical exhibition in Italy - that was held in Milan at Cambi Auction House. The project was in partnership with SuperRare.

The artwork I presented, 'Hidden Miki' was described by Serena Tabacchi as :

''The reflection of a young android in the mirror reveals her secret to the

viewer. Which side to take and which of the two identities to adopt, we are

not the ones to decide. The artist does not judge her work, but lets it

breathe and grow in its own world, observing it as a scientist from the

outside, waiting with silent anticipation for the reaction that her

creation will trigger over time."

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