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                                RAT CAGE                             

Rat cage (2018) is a 3D animation. 


Exploring the use of technology in a spiritual context, could help us achieve higher states of wellbeing and a life where our physical, mental and spiritual selves can harmoniously be integrated. 

One of the benefits of the New Age philosophy was to reintroduce the importance of consciousness to the western world and to recognise that spirituality was not just a matter of belief but of experience. New Age thinking also provided a vehicle to overcome the separation of mind and body that was characteristic of western individualism prior to 1968. In many ways it represented what Freud called a “regression in service of the ego”, a return to repressed areas of bodily energy, instincts, emotions, mind and consciousness. The recording to which I based my video animation is an extract from the Youtube video : Are we rats in a Cage? by the recognised spiritual leader Teal Swan.


Technology, not only has it left a mark on the very fabric of our society, it has also introduced a new definition of being human, an improved and empowered version of a human. Expanding the concept of identity by denying its singularity and refusing the traditional ideas about humanity and the human condition, this project hopes to raise questions and awareness regarding consciousness in a technological age. 

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